Interlux luchthavenvervoer arranges your transport on the basis of the data you have given us, which are also mentioned in your confirmation. Always check your flight data with the data on you Interlux-ticket. If these data do not match, please contact us immediately. We can not guarantee swift transport if the data on your Interlux-ticket do not match with the actual flight data. Correct flightdata are essential.

Interlux luchthavenvervoer does not check the flightdata you have given us. The digital connections between us and the airports are improving. So we can better identify delays and incorrect flightnumbers. However experience has taught us that the current systems are not always up to date. And you, the passenger, are always the first to know any changes. That is why we ask you politely to inform us about any changes in your flightschedule as soon as possible. If there are no extra costs for us or any disadvantages for other passengers we will gladly adjust our planning in your favour.

Interlux is entitled to combine the rides of several passengers. This means that you can be dropped off at the airport one and a half hours before check-in time at most. If you are picked up at the airport, the waiting period can be one and a half hours at most, but this is usually shorter.

Interlux luchthavenvervoer can never be held responsible for loss of damage to your luggage. If, due to problems with the luggage and/or customs, you can not report in a timely manner to the S.T.A. desk (Schiphol airport), Diners Club International (Brussels airport) or meetingpoint (other airports) the point "NOT PRESENT" applies.

The transport of standard luggage is of course included in the fare. Standard luggage is 1 suitcase and 1 pair of hand luggage for each person. A pram, buggy, and a (folding)bicycle will be charged additionaly € 21.00 a piece for a single trip. Pets should not cause a nuisance to other passengers and must therefore be transported in a suitable pet carrier. The additional price of € 21.00 also applies to these pets.

Collapsible wheelchairs, guide dogs, golf bags, walkers, diving equipment and skis shall not be considered additional luggage provided there are no more than 1 (set) for each person. These items should be indicated on the Interlux ticket under 'remarks' If this has not been reported and this results in a lack of space in the car Interlux shall not be obliged to transport these items and shall then be entitled not to transport these items.

We can transport children for free up to the age of 3 if you are willing to take the child on your lap. If you require a childseat the adult tariff is applicable. We can also provide other kinds of special transport. Don't hesitate to call and ask for our prices.

If you cancel up to 48 hours before check-in time or arrival time, we will charge you € 15,-- administration costs. If you cancel within 48 hours the total amount will be charged. If you have booked the transport through a travel agency, you can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before check-in time or arrival time. The travel agent will have to inform Interlux of this in a timely manner by fax of e-mail.

Alterations can only be approved if these are sent by fax or e-mail (wijziging@luchthavenvervoer.nl) completely and at least 24 hours before check-in time or arrival time, as stated on the Interlux-ticket. An alteration is according to Interlux luchthavenvervoer: Rearrangement of the arrival time by the airline company as well as earlier arrivals and delays with respect to the scheduled time as is mentioned on your confirmation. If alterations are made within the last 24 hours, we can no longer guarantee the above mentioned earliest drop-off time and maximum waiting period at the airport. If the alteration is that much earlier that it lies within 24 hours of check-in time or arrival time it is treated as an alteration within 24 hours. After the return flight you may then have to wait longer for the next car. If you do not accept the offered combination available, the fare will not be reimbursed. This also applies if you arrive at the airport with another flight number or at a different time due to having missed your connection. If there is more than 1 alteration for one Interlux-ticket, 15% of the fare concerned will be charged on to you for each subsequent alteration.

  • If the driver has not arrived 5 minutes after the time agreed, please contact us immediately.
  • Interlux can never be held responsible for delays caused by force majeure, resulting in your missing your flight connection. However, rest assured that we will do all that is in our power to prevent this.
  • You are obliged to keep to the agreed pick-up time. If you are not present/ready within 5 minutes after the agreed pick-up time, the driver is entitled to leave without you. The fare will not be refunded.
    Also in this case, Interlux shall not be responsible for missing the flight.

  • Please report as soon as possible after arrival to the S.T.A (Schiphol Transfer Assistance) desk in Schiphol Plaza (see plan). If you don't report as soon as possible after arrival not only our driver but also other clients are unnecessary waiting for you. Something we would like to avoid but where we need you cooperation. If you are travelling with a group, please report to the S.T.A.- desk when the entire group is present.
  • The desk clerk will inform you if the car is already there or when it is expected to arrive.
    If all passengers have reported, the desk clerk will communicate this with our driver and will pick you up at the S.T.A.- desk. Of course you can always contact us yourself.
  • Please wait at the S.T.A. desk. If you or part of your group is no longer present at the S.T.A. desk, the driver can not wait. The person(s) concerned can then return by the next car where seats are available.
  • If your flight has been moved forward considerably, we can not always anticipate. In that case we will try to transport you as soon as possible, but no later than 1 ½ hours after the planned time of arrival.
  • We draw your attention to the fact that we do not automatically keep track of the expected landing times through teletext/the internet, unless you inform us of a delay in a timely manner.

  • At all other airports than Schiphol, we will expect you at the 'meeting point'. At Brussels airport (Zaventem) we will expect you in the lounge to the right of the exit, signposted 'Diners Club International'. Your driver will report there with an Interlux nameplate.
  • The same as 'Return journey from Schiphol' point c applies, but substitute 'S.T.A. desk' by 'meeting point/'Diners Club International'.
  • The same as 'Return journey from Schiphol' point d applies.
  • We draw your attention to the fact that we do not automatically keep track of the expected landing times through teletext/the internet, unless you inform us of a delay in a timely manner.
  • In some cases, and only in consultation between you and us, we will charge extra for additional waiting time above the maximum of one and a half hour.

  • If your plane is delayed by less than 1 ½ hours, the car will wait for you, provided that the maximum waiting period of the other passengers is not exceeded in doing so. In the unlikely event that the car has left, you will of course be entitled to transport at the earliest opportunity.
  • If your plane is delayed by more than 1 ½ hours, please inform us no later than 4 hours before the planned arrival time according to your Interlux ticket. In that case you will retain the right to leave the airport within 1 ½ hours after arrival.
  • If you were unable to inform us of the altered time of arrival, please in that case also report as soon as possible to the S.T.A. desk in Schiphol Plaza or, at other airports, to the 'meeting point' or 'Diners Club International', and contact Interlux immediately, If your plane is delayed for more than 1 ½ hours, we refer to the point "not present".
  • If, due to overbooking, you miss your connection and are expected to arrive with another flight number and/or at another time than stated on your Interlux ticket, this is a change of flights and not a delay. We shall, of course, try to transport you as soon as possible. The maximum waiting period of 1 ½ hours is then, however, no longer guaranteed.

If, for whatever reason, you do not report to the S.T.A. desk (Schiphol airport) or are not present at the 'meeting point' (other aiports) or 'Diners Club International' (Brussels airport) your right to the ride booked shall be cancelled. In that case you can, however, be transported back free of charge at the earliest available opportunity, provided that this is within 30 hours of the date and time stated on your Interlux ticket. However if you have booked individual transport the alternate transport can also be combined transport. This is only possible if the car concerned has not been fully booked and enough seats are available. This arrangement offers no guarantee of immediate transport. However, if you do not wish to use this opportunity, the fare will not be reimbursed.

All terms and conditions of the combined travel shall apply with the exception of:
  • The combination of transport
  • The drop-off and pick-up times at the airport
  • The costs for additional luggage
  • For cancellations between 24 hours and 1½ hours before check-in respectively arrival times there will be a charge of 30 euro for administration costs.

Interlux reserves the right to alter the fees and/of conditions without further notification.

Interlux Airport Service is a service of Jansen Taxi BV in Nuenen, The Netherlands. This company has offered services since 1950 and has a great deal of experience in passenger transport by taxi, minivan and coach.

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